debtree — package dependency graphs on steroids


Advanced usage examples

  1. Create a build dependency graph
  2. Visualize what would happen when installing a package
  3. Dependencies on virtual packages
  4. Reverse dependencies

Ever wonder what additional packages would be installed if you install some new software? And maybe more importantly, what extra goodies are suggested or how much could be avoided because dependencies are only recommended? This example visualizes this for clamav.

Already installed packages are shaded light green. Not installed packages have a white background. Virtual packages are also white; as they don't exist they can't be installed after all, so you'll have to look at the package(s) providing them.

Note that for alternative dependencies that are already satisfied, only any already installed packages will be displayed. If a dependency is not yet satisfied all alternative packages will be shown.

$ debtree -I -S clamav

Build dependency graph for dpkg
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