debtree — package dependency graphs on steroids


Example: debconf

  1. Graph from apt-cache (for comparison)
  2. Basic graph (only hard dependencies and conflicts)
  3. Basic graph with Recommends
  4. Basic graph with Recommends and Suggests
  5. Basic graph with Recommends and showing alternatives
  6. Default graph (showing Recommends, alternatives and versions)
  7. Default graph with Suggests
  8. Default graph with Suggests and versioned Conflicts
  9. Default graph (rotated)

This graph is roughly equivalent to:
$ debtree --no-recommends --no-versions --versioned-conflicts --rotate debconf

Not the most beautiful graph, mostly due to the conflicts from perl-base. The 7th example generated with debtree also shows them, but looks much more structured (besides showing a lot of additional information).

$ apt-cache dotty debconf

Dependency graph for debconf
Generated .dot file: DOT
Full-sized images: PS | PNG | SVG

Equivalent graph for aptitude